Many people like the idea of having solar panels on their homes but feel daunted by their lack of knowledge about solar or worry that solar may not be a sound investment. Others can’t make the time to find a reputable solar contractor or fear that they’ll receive a poor price or product. Still others may not see going solar as something that regular folks do.

Solarize makes going solar simple, easy, and cheaper.

This Solarize initiative is driven by passionate volunteers across Indiana in engaging a large number of homeowners and businesses to go solar, conveniently providing them with just the information they need, recruiting and selecting a contractor, and ensuring quality equipment and a good price. Our first year’s efforts led to a 20% increase in solar homes in Indiana!

Solarize Indiana is a non-profit, apolitical, volunteer-based organization whose mission is to accelerate the transition to clean energy by increasing the number of solar owners across Indiana.

Achieving our Mission: Solarize Indiana is comprised of local, volunteer teams. These teams do two major things:

1) We help people learn about the benefits and costs of going solar so residential and commercial owners can make an informed decision about going solar, and

2) We facilitate a group discount of solar installations by offering a competitively priced group-buy.

What to learn more? Contact Solarize Indiana or find a team near you!