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Solarize Training Grabs Bull by the Horns

Solarize Team Training Spreads the Reach of the Solarize Teams Indianapolis, IN –Solarize Workshop prepares teams from around the state to seed solar neighborhoods in their home towns. Between June and December 2017, the all-volunteer initiative resulted in a 20% increase in the number of registered solar homes in our state. On June 22th, SolarizeContinue reading “Solarize Training Grabs Bull by the Horns”

The Solarize Movement

Why are more and more people, all over the state, choosing to go solar? The reason: it simply makes good sense–and more than just cents. Talk to any solar home owner and they’ll tell you that going solar was the best financial investment they’ve ever made. Imagine an investment that pays for itself in asContinue reading “The Solarize Movement”

Solar in the News

Read more about what we do in some of the articles published around the state!

Solar United Neighbors featured in NWI

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