Our Mission, Our Vision


To accelerate the transition to clean energy by increasing the number of solar owners across the state.


We envision widespread adoption of solar energy systems as the new normal across Indiana homes, businesses, and not-for-profit entities allowing their owners to enjoy:

  • lower electricity costs;
  • freedom from total reliance on electric utility companies;
  • protection against future price increases;
  • rejection of fossil-fuel electricity generation that emits global warming CO2 pollution; and,
  • benefits of amazing, clean, renewable, solar energy


Inclusivity. We welcome and respect persons of all faiths and beliefs, genders, ages and backgrounds. Inclusivity is strengthened by balanced representation and requires vigilance. While respectfully valuing everyone, we speak up as allies and correct power imbalances when we find that certain voices are unheard or undermined.

Caring for the Earth. We are guided by a belief that we have a moral imperative to care for the earth.

Tenacity. We know this work will take passion and sustained commitment.

Integrity. We are open, honest, and principled and speak from documented facts in all our communications and dealings.

Apolitical. We strive to avoid political affiliations, recognizing that it will take all of us to overcome this crisis.

Cooperation. We collaborate, share, encourage, and support each other – volunteers, staff, vendor partners, prospects, and other advocacy organizations.

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